Our Philosophy

Unlike most companies, Soracte began as a philosophy – not as an outlet for a certain product or service. For that reason, this page is the key to understanding what we're all about.

Compass - Soracte

A hodge-podge of things

You might have noticed that there's an eclectic variety of items on offer in our cozy digital store.

Are we an art store? A stationery shop? An outdoor retailer? A board game publisher? What's all this talk about history and adventure, and how do those two themes fit together?

Those are all very fair questions, and they're best answered by outlining what we believe and how our beliefs influence what we do.

What we believe

  1. Happiness and meaning come from using your time wisely, reaching your full potential, and – most importantly – feeling a deep connection to the world around you.

  2. Everyone has different needs and interests, and therefore requires different things in order to live a happy and meaningful life. But for us, two key ingredients are curiosity about the world and the willingness to go out and explore it. Knowledge without adventure isn't enough; nor is adventure without knowledge. So we aim to combine both of those things.

  3. The pursuit of happiness is most meaningful when you also have a clear purpose beyond your own self-interest. Our purpose as a company is to help others live enjoyable and meaningful lives.

  4. Finally, we don't feel that it's enough to simply help the privileged enjoy their privilege. Many people currently lack the resources to survive comfortably, let alone flourish. We're committed to keeping those people in mind, and helping them reach a position of comfort and security in whatever small ways we can.

Mont Sainte-Victoire, painting by Cezanne

What we do

We're still a very young business, so there's a big difference between what we currently do and what we aspire to do.

So far, we've created a small collection of products in line with point #3 above:

  • A curated selection of paintings, designed to inspire you when you wake up and see them each morning.
  • Season-themed journals, aimed at motivating you to write, sketch, reflect, and explore new ideas.
  • (In progress) – Durable steel travel mugs, to help you get outdoors, enjoy camping and hiking, and consume less plastic in your everyday life.
  • (In progress) – A history-themed board game, because few things are better than an evening with friends, wine, and board games.

We also publish an online magazine about history, travel, literature, and basically anything else that reflects our interest in the well-lived life.

The future

We have plenty of big ideas – but it's important to start small, and slowly build towards those more ambitious goals. Essentially, we hope to become a friendly hub – similar to a trekkers' teahouse – where you can share stories with others, find fresh inspiration, and connect in a meaningful way with the world around you.

What next?

That's certainly enough about us! Now we want to hear about you. Why not reach out and let us know one thing that matters to you, or one thing you'd like to see more of in the world?